email: goh at

  • Chris

    Very good music. It’s got a great feel and sound to it. Keep it up man, you rock.

  • Koca

    Hi man, i like your songs:)
    They are werry good :) Great style of muic :)
    Do you ever think about some king of “tripů to Czech Republic? We have great history. Think about it man , bye…

  • Bill

    Hey Goh Nakamura, your music is Awesome!!!!

  • アツシ

    最高です!!最近心をえぐられるような音楽に出会えなかったけどgoh nakamuraあなたの楽曲、声、メロディー、感激しました。CDを買いに行ったけど、レーベルには入っていないのですか??商業音楽ではなく、心を癒してくれる音楽ありがとうございました。是非ダウンロードするのではなくCDが欲しいです。

  • chris

    Hi Goh, really enjoying your music which we found by accident on you tube here in the uk. your playing i know is your own but you do sound occasionally like early john martyn who is now as old as me – about fifty plus plus! greetings from england and best wishes from chris morrison. hope to see you one day next time we are in san francisco!

  • Jay Hansen

    Mr. Nakamura,
    Your voice is great. Embarcadero Blues brings tears to the eyes of this 55 year old meztiso
    bass player. The songwriting and performance are
    superb, so why hasn’t a major label picked you up?

  • Dave S

    Where do you play in the SF Bay Area? If you are in the South Bay I would go and drag some of my friends. Keep on keeping on. Not an iTunes guy, but I would buy a hard CD if you have any around…

  • Kennosuke


    Anata no ongaku wa sugoi desu. Honto ni kakkoi desu.

    Keep up the great work. *thumbs up*

  • Pete

    Goh, Your music is really great, especially surrogate valentine. It is one of my favorite songs without a doubt. Where can I find a tab for it? Keep comming up with the killer tunes buddy. It is so cool to see/hear someone put into words what a lot of us are feeling. Oh yeah, the guitar skills…you have all kinds, i’m jealous but I guess that is where hard work will get a guy. I can’t imagine not hearing you on mainstream radio in a year. If not, just know you have people that really appreciate your music.

  • rolando

    you’re cool man!
    come to London!!

  • Alexa J.

    hey i saw your video of Just Like Heaven on youtube and i was wondering if you had that tabbed out at all? I’ve been trying to mimick your chords for a while but it’s pretty difficult.. help a girl out! I love the way you play that song!

  • Jessie

    I was experiencing some Embarcadero Blues today, myself, but your songs were quite a find. They brightened my day and made me feel connected again.
    Thank you.
    I can’t wait to see you perform live in the hopefully near future!

  • Steve

    I listened to you for a long time last night on yahoo live. It was outstanding. Keep it up and I will surely be back to hear you again. Too bad you are not near Indianapolis because I would drop some bucks to see you. Later

  • Albert Hsia


    You music is wonderful! Brilliantly soothing and bold at the same time. I like!

  • Dan Kim

    Hey man, I’m spreading the news about your ascent to stardom. Great work; my favorite song is definitely Surrogate Valentine, wish I could play it too!

  • hellroy

    I was looking for a good acoustic version of “Just like heaven” and yours blew me away. If you have that for download someplace, i’d love a copy!

  • Rob McNealy

    I just found you on and I really dig your sound. I also just Twittered you. Where can I get an album? I would love to blog about it.

  • TC

    Goh !

    I stumbled across you in yourtube. I found your site and then bought your album on iTunes. Listening to your just made my Wednesday night ! Hope some label signs you..u are the next John Lennon.

  • whitknee

    When will pigeon toes return?

  • Christine

    I had the luxury of randomly hearing “El Camino” on You have talent! Listening to your music was like being reintroduced to Elliott Smith. If only you played on the East Coast…

  • Tcasey22

    Saw you on maybe 3 years ago and downloaded Ulysses shortly thereafter. Hasn’t been off my regular rotation since. Next time you’re back in Boston, make sure we all know.