Goh Nakamura


With aspirations of becoming a hotshot guitar slinger, Goh Nakamura attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music in the 1990's, studying Charlie Parker and Bach while most of the world listened to Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Countless nights of stressful bar-tending spun quiet acoustic sessions inspired by the lyrical artistry of songwriters like Elliott Smith, Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello helped Goh develop his knack for writing dreamy Beatles-esque folk pop numbers.

While making a name for himself playing small clubs in San Francisco's singer/songwriter scene, Goh wrote and recorded his first album, "Daylight Savings." He hustled the home-burned CDs out of a suitcase until his break-through came in 2007 when his video for "Embarcadero Blues" was featured on YouTube's front page, racking up over a million views in its first few weeks and earning him an immense international fan base. This led to Goh's music being featured prominently in films such as Ridley Scott's A GOOD YEAR, AMERICAN GANGSTER, and BODY OF LIES. The title track of "Daylight Savings" was also included on the soundtrack to the Robert Benton film FEAST OF LOVE starring Morgan Freeman and Greg Kinnear.

Goh's acting career took off when he was cast to star as a fictional version of himself in Dave Boyle's feature film SURROGATE VALENTINE. The film premiered at the 2011 SXSW Film Festival, garnering critical acclaim and moving on to the Dallas International Film Festival where Goh took home the Special Jury Prize for acting.

Currently, Goh is traveling the film festival circuit with his third album, "Motion from the Music Picture" and his second film DAYLIGHT SAVINGS, which is the sequel to SURROGATE VALENTINE.

It's a coincidence of course, but Goh Nakamura's tunes orbit the same sphere as a triumvirate of "E" songwriters: Elliot Smith, Elvis Costello, and Evan Dando. And while we bandy about the alliterations let's include: Ken Stringfellow, Matthew Sweet, and Ron Sexsmith. Also: "smart," "soaring" (as in melodies), and "significant" (as in talent). His videos have been viewed over a million times on YouTube, which, in our hypervirile economy, wouldn't impress necessarily after all, this is the same site that brought instant fame to a Britney Spears apologist who gives histrionic dispatches from beneath his blankie. The difference is Nakamura is not a fleeting flavor: Ulysses (self-released) has wings.
» Nathan Baker (San Francisco Bay Guardian)

"Listening to Goh Nakamura is like falling in love for the first time. It's bemusing, sweet, and a little clumsy in moments, but pricelessly charming in spite of itself. You hope it never ends. Nakamura, a Bay Area native, successfully marries earnest and bemusing lyrics with catchy refrains and solid guitar melodies, without delving into cloying sentimentality or heavy theatrics."
» Min Jung Kim

"Armed with an acoustic guitar and an active imagination, Goh Nakamura strums to the beat of a processed drum machine, singing the minimum wage, dial-up connection blues. Like Neil Finn gone broke or a male version of Mary Lou Lord, Nakamura could be a patron saint for lonely code warriors with good record collections. Geekdom doesn't get any more pronounced than on 'N.P.', a wistful stalker anthem about a girl in a Star Wars trilogy."
» Todd Inoue (Hyphen Magazine)

"Daylight Savings makes no pretenses, it just carries you away with its heart and searching soul. Love it."
» Richard Chang

"A guy with a PC and a guitar (and a boatload of effects pedals I hear) making delightful music. It's like coffee spot folk music, but with a sense of humor and an undercurrent of romance. Lots of catchy little love songs on his debut."
» A Whole Lotta Nothing, Best of the Net 2004

"S.F. crooner, Goh Nakamura, has been stewing up a bittersweet collection of musical confections to delight a loyal following every other Tuesday night at Ireland's 32. His self described 'Dreamsicle pop' has sophisticated influences the likes of American literature, Chopin, and the Beatles. His new album Daylight Savings features salty, sweet melodies about love, meter maids and the Embarcadero blues. Meet Goh Nakamura."
» Bay Area Buzz

"This is the debut release for Bay Area troubadour Goh Nakamura. He draws from the no frills, sensitive singer/songwriter inkwell...' ultra heartfelt and barebones, much like that of Elliott Smith's early albums. The ache is palpable in each of the eleven songs on Daylight Savings. Impressive."
» Aquarius Records

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