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  1. Suitcase (Live)


Gather everything you need
a change of clothes
and toiletries
and a book to read
'cause it's a long flight

Security won't let me by
to see you off
to see me cry

Call me please
and say that you're alright

And your suitcase
is good to go by the table
your flight's on time
your carry-on
I'll carry on like a baby

and somewhere there's a room
where everything I've ever lost is hiding
and everyone that I've ever lost resides

and somewhere in my dreams there is a
house with 20 rooms on fire
what do I, what do I take with me?

In my suitcase
thats good to go by the table
I carry all
carry all
that I'm able

Gather everything you own
your shoes, your clothes
a book of poems
and letters that
spell out my heart to you

and somewhere in this book of dreams
I'm pagin' you white courtesy
to call me please
say that you'll stay with me

and it's soon but,
I'm sure we'll know when we're stable
and someday
two suitcases on the steps
of a door that we can call our own...