Hangman by Goh Nakamura

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My friend’s little sister started a game of hangman with me, and it immediately sparked an analogy to writing/composing in my head. I often have one word or phrase that I start with as inspiration and after that, it becomes a bit of a crossword puzzle or guessing game in order to finish it. This one took a long time, two years to finish! I have four versions of this song recorded, and the one above is the one that made the album.


A friendly little game of Hangman
Stick figure hangin' there by his head

You whisper vowels in my ear
and though the answer's still unclear
The blanks we leave will surely fill themselves

Like a song we knew so well
We knew so well
We knew so well

A little game of innuendo
and we all know where the
answer goes

I see you're tempted now to cheat
and make my self defeat complete

So I sip on vinegar that
once was wine
in unemployment lines with the
monks and scribes

A little game of innuendo
a friendly means
to a meanless end
that ends so well

A deadly little game of Hangman
and I'll be hangin' by a consonant

The fickle muse is playing
games again

and there's no noose that's a
good noose

at the gallows pole
the hangman knows

A little game of
A snow white page
and a broken pencil
that's out of lead

A missing letter for the Hangman
I've never felt so inarticulate

A dying wish before I lose
A desperate prayer for a clue

Can I take a walk around this
writer's block?

To find the words I want to
To find this song I need to
This little song that wants to write itself

Hey Man
  • Rick

    That was awesome. Really creative new thoughts on an old game. I extremely appreciate how this song can portray a relation to many aspects in life. Thanks for making it.

  • elaine

    “Can I take a walk around this writer’s block?”
    Great stuff.

  • Anonymous

    Formally, a little like George Harrison’s Think For Yourself with a little touch of paranoia.


    This guy looks for inspiration everywhere, all the time. If I did that, I would be a better songwriter.

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