Lots of exciting things coming up, the first being an opening slot for the British singer Adele at Bimbo’s tonight (May 22). It’s a sold out show, and Bimbo’s is probably the best place one can play in SF in my opinion. Wish me luck! My second album “Ulysses” is… Read More»


thanks so much to everyone who checked out the Nakamurathon on yahoo live broadcast! I had a blast, even though my fingers are sore. I’m gonna play again on Wed…. exact time to be determined, but watch this space. In other news- I’m finally getting the artwork together for Daylight… Read More»

Track Listing of upcoming album

Ulysses Suitcase Somewhere Hangman Home For New Year’s Day Red Balloons Where Did They Go Telefunkus Flipside Sad Flowers Bloom in Dark Places Section of Sky Shoulder Weight of the World If You Want Me Too *update* just re-recorded a song called Sarah Rose that I’ll add too

Embarcadero Blues Tab

Here’s a Guitar Transcription/Tab for Embarcadero (the album version) Page 1 Page 2 it’s messy as hell, but it’s something to work with. Things I should mention are that you’ll need a capo at the 3rd fret if you wanna play along w. the recorded version. The numbers are in… Read More»


If you go see “Feast of Love” and are wondering where they used Daylight Savings in the movie, it’s in there… but it’s really easy to miss. It turns out that it’s playing *VERY* faintly in the background during the first shot of the interior of the Coffee Shop that… Read More»