Ulysses: A Call To Arms

Dear Friends, After four years in the making, my second album, Ulysses, has officially launched! Whereas Daylight Savings, my first album, was written and recorded in solitude, Ulysses is a reaction to that; a celebration and collaboration with artists and people whom I’ve had the good fortune to meet through… Read More»

Welcome Back…

Thanks for stopping by, it’s been a long time since this blog has been up, and a lot of interesting (and not so interesting things) have happened since I last posted here in May. I’ll try my best to recap the last 5 months here in the upcoming weeks- but… Read More»

El Camino

Adam’s such a powerful and sophisticated musician. I’ve seen him rip the most complex chord structures to shreds with his bare hands, navigate perilous harmonic mazes without breaking a sweat. He’s a monster composer in his own right, and to hear him play such a simple and fragile song as… Read More»

Truck Was Struck

I love the depth of this song. Is she singing about a car accident, or the wreck of a love affair? or both? “we were crossing the line, before you tell the truth, remember there are two kinds of lies- there were the things that you did, and the things… Read More»

Take My Picture

Classic, brilliant Invisible Cities. I met Han and Sadie through the Apature festival and approached them as a rabid fan. Eventually I started playing gigs with them and started sitting in with them, the ultimate fan’s dream! I’ve always loved this tune. It has a zillion guitars on it, and… Read More»


The melody and phrasing of the lyric “Smile and hang your head” kills me everytime. It’s like a 3 page short story that leaves you breathless with the amount of soul and imagery in such little space. Man, I love this tune.

Seward Park

By some stroke of luck, I got a message from Tomo of Grand Hallway to play a show with them (and Odessa Chen) in SF this summer. Their set was was heartbreakingly beautiful, and I became an instant lifetime fan. Tomo’s voice and phrasing are unearthly, and instantly recognizable. This… Read More»

Next Obsession

I wish I wrote this song. I heard him play it live and my head was exploding, it was so good. There’s also a rumor that Nyles is one of the nicest guys in indie rock. I’d like to confirm that rumor!