Surrogate Valentine Chords

From time to time I get requests for tabs/chords for my tunes. Here’s a nice email I got from a guy in England (and my response:) Hi Goh, Found your music on late night youtube session! Your melodies are immense! I was thinking of covering your Surrogate Valentine and ive… Read More»

Show in August and webcasts

Cafe Du Nord is beginning to feel like a home to me, and I had the good fortune to put a bill together for August 26. I convinced one of my favorite singer/songwriters to come down from Seattle and he said yes! Tomo Nakayama of the band Grand Hallway will… Read More»


I was nominated for “artist of the month” on the Deli magazine site, please vote for me here!l voting is open till july 15th. Next webcast: July 8th Next physical show: August 26th at Cafe Du Nord. all ages/seated with Tomo Nakayama of Grand Hallway, and Odessa Chen!

5/31 Rickshaw Stop

Woz was at the show to see The Wooden Birds, for which I had the good fortune to be the opening act. I saw him go to the balcony and sit with his peeps during the soundcheck. Cool! The set went pretty smoothly- I was lucky to have Tim playing… Read More»