Lots of exciting things coming up, the first being an opening slot for the British singer Adele at Bimbo’s tonight (May 22). It’s a sold out show, and Bimbo’s is probably the best place one can play in SF in my opinion. Wish me luck! My second album “Ulysses” is… Read More»


So awhile back people were giving Britney Spears all this flak for how she endangers her baby…using it as an airbag while driving, almost dropping it in front of the paparazzi, using it to muddle mint leaves for mojitos (ok,I made that up). Anyhow, I screwed up similarly recently. I… Read More»


Due to the broadcasting of the presidential Debates, it looks like Pacific Time will be pushed back to 8pm (September 30th, Thursday) 88.5 FM for you SF Bay Area folk you can also stream it as well as check the archives! Also, I will be performing tonight as part of… Read More»


Listening to Takeshi “Goh” Nakamura’s debut album, Daylight Savings is not unlike falling in love for the first time. It’s bemusing, sweet, and a little clumsy in moments, but pricelessly charming in spite of itself. You hope it never ends. Nakamura, a Bay Area native, successfully marries earnest and bemusing… Read More»

Non Sense(i)

Conductor of your sympathies! turn them into mp3s Empathize and pass it back to me… Seize the siege and return the key! Defeat the man with too many feet, 2 is all he really needs, Forest of the four and tryst of trees! to get her and together we, end… Read More»

Goh(st) in the Machine

What I’ve been listening to lately: Bill Frisell w/Elvin Jones and Dave Holland Ron Sexsmith: Retriever Stevie Wonder: Innervisions I’ve been thinking about doing away with the technology lately- go back to the basics. just me and an acoustic guitar… kind of a drag to lug all that equipment around… Read More»


Saw Sarah Harmer play this weekend, it had been 2 years since she last played the bay area! I first saw her open for Ron Sexsmith a few years ago and immediately fell in love with her music. Anyways, 2 years is way too long to go without seeing her… Read More»

Just A few Things

I did my first official “photo shoot” in various locations in SF last weekend. I felt so special, especially after giving an impromptu perfomance of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” to a captivated 3 year old girl. It’s all for the kids yo. I think a future album will be called… Read More»