Due to the broadcasting of the presidential Debates, it looks like Pacific Time will be pushed back to 8pm (September 30th, Thursday) 88.5 FM for you SF Bay Area folk you can also stream it as well as check the archives! Also, I will be performing tonight as part of a group called the True … Continue reading Doh!


Listening to Takeshi “Goh” Nakamura’s debut album, Daylight Savings is not unlike falling in love for the first time. It’s bemusing, sweet, and a little clumsy in moments, but pricelessly charming in spite of itself. You hope it never ends. Nakamura, a Bay Area native, successfully marries earnest and bemusing lyrics with catchy refrains and … Continue reading Review#2


Saw Sarah Harmer play this weekend, it had been 2 years since she last played the bay area! I first saw her open for Ron Sexsmith a few years ago and immediately fell in love with her music. Anyways, 2 years is way too long to go without seeing her live, and I hope she … Continue reading S.H.