Track by Track series and Webcast

I’ve been posting solo/acoustic versions of each track off of Ulysses to my Youtube channel, hence the title “track by track.” please Subscribe if you haven’t already! Much more to come… So far, I’m at #3 which is Hangman: I’m going to stream a live web concert from San Francisco tomorrow night, (Wed June 17th) … Continue reading Track by Track series and Webcast

Giant Gohbot in Poketo

So last month, I went to L.A. twice to see one of my favorite artists, PCP aka Heisuke Kitazawa exhibit his work at Giant Robot and a week later at Poketo. Here’s a few photos from Atsushi’s camera… After the GR show, Eric was kind enough to host an intimate living room concert, which was … Continue reading Giant Gohbot in Poketo

Our Darkest Days and Nights

Love is Chemicals has some serious voodoo powers on me. I hate dancing, yet when I go to their shows I’m hopping around like a maniacal fool. I don’t know how they do it. I had a hard time choosing a song for this compilation- I still have strong feelings for their first album, but … Continue reading Our Darkest Days and Nights

If You Want Me Too

I wrote this one around 2003, but didn’t think about it again until last year. I woke up one morning and recorded this in my bedroom. Straight out of bed, messy hair and all.


My friend’s little sister started a game of hangman with me, and it immediately sparked an analogy to writing/composing in my head. I often have one word or phrase that I start with as inspiration and after that, it becomes a bit of a crossword puzzle or guessing game in order to finish it. This … Continue reading Hangman

Embarcadero Blues Animatic video rough by Dino Ignacio

My incredibly talented friend Dino Ignacio contacted me recently to ask if he could make a video for Embarcadero Blues. My answer was an emphatic “hell yes” because I’ve been a fan of his work for awhile now. A few days after I talked to him, he sent me a link to this… I’m still … Continue reading Embarcadero Blues Animatic video rough by Dino Ignacio