Surrogate Valentine Chords

From time to time I get requests for tabs/chords for my tunes. Here’s a nice email I got from a guy in England (and my response:)

Hi Goh,

Found your music on late night youtube session! Your melodies are immense! I was thinking of covering your Surrogate Valentine and ive worked most of it out its just the second bit of the chorus that goes with “brings me to my knees” that im unsure of. I was wondering if you could possibly let me know which chords you use in the chorus?

Cheers mate.

Blaine Molloy


What’s up Blaine, Thanks so much for the message. I’m happy and flattered you want to cover my song- pretty cool!

You’re in luck, somebody asked me the same thing about a year ago, so I wrote it out the best I could.

I’m a guitar teacher by day, I need to tab out my own songs and sell it as a songbook!

Hope this helps, Let me know if you record or video it.

Cheers from California,


p.s. do you mind if I post this (including your message) on my website?
you’ll need a capo at the 7th fret.

the chord shapes are:


Dmajor to Eminor7 / G


Dmajor/ D major 7 / D7 / Gmajor

D major/ D Maj7/ D7 /

“Brings me”
C#min7 flat5 (tab= 11 12 11 12 on the A through B strings)

“to my”

“knees and I” “Will”
Bmin7 (3 beats) Bflat min 7 (4th beat)

“run away, reluctantly…”
Amin7 / Dmaj

Gmajor/ G minor

back to verse riff

bridge “you can be the magnet…” : Bmin7 Em7/ Gmajor

Good luck!


  • wil

    i’ve got a whole folder just chock FULL of goh charts! have at ’em, goh! (of course, they’re not really guitar tab, just lead-sheets, so no capo info… but you’re welcome to ’em! that is, if i get to sit in again soon…)