Itinerary for Jet (Lag) Blue(s) tour

Actually, that’s not really the name for it, but it cracks me up.

So we (Han + Sadie of the Invisible Cities, Gary Chou, and Headzookeeper) bought our “Jet Blue all you can fly for $599 flight buffet” right before the deadline. We realized that flights were going fast, so we cobbled together an itinerary, even though we didn’t have “gigs” booked. It’s definitely a bit of a leap of fate, but at the very least I figure I can visit some great friends in cities I’ve never been to. I think of the SNL “Hanz and Franz” phrase “Believe me now, and hear me later…” We figure if we show up and just start playing places people might listen.

Soon some of these will have confirmed “venues” like art galleries, maybe a music club if we’re lucky… but most likely it’ll boil down to – “hey, are you in (insert appropriate city)? come hang out, have a picnic with us, and we’ll play you some songs!” We plan on webcasting the shows too, so you can watch our antics from the comfort of your own home!

Here’s a rough itinerary, I’m going to be filling in the blanks so expect this to be an evolving list:

9/11 L.A. Tour kickoff at gr/eats 9:30pm
9/12 Houston Cortlandt Street House Concert 7pm
9/13 Austin- Cherrywood Coffeehouse 2pm then fly to L.A.

9/16 L.A.
9/17 Seattle – to watch the Grand Hallway record release show!
9/18 House Concert by University of Washington (details coming soon)
9/19 L.A.Poketo and Origami Vinyl event!7 pm
9/20 L.A. Private event

9/23 back in SF Rickshaw Stop w. Doug Paisley and Lesser Lights

9/24 L.A.
9/25 Chicago
9/26-27 L.A.

9/30-10/4 New York (subject to change)

Thanks to Janice at Jet Blue for patiently and cheerfully booking 4 separate itineraries for all these flights! She’s going to get a shout out in our “jet blue” song soon to come.