5/31 Rickshaw Stop

Woz was at the show to see The Wooden Birds, for which I had the good fortune to be the opening act. I saw him go to the balcony and sit with his peeps during the soundcheck. Cool!

The set went pretty smoothly- I was lucky to have Tim playing drums with me that night, the live show takes on a completely different level dynamically with him adding to the mix. It felt really good- really relaxed. At one point, I turned the microphone to his drumkit and looped him for 4 measures so he could play against his own beat. I plugged into a distortion pedal for this gig to rock out more than usual, I guess it sounded ok!

After the set, my sister went to upstairs to his table with a friend, chatted with him a bit, and gave him my albums. He said that he had come to see the Wooden Birds, but enjoyed the opening set and had his wife go downstairs to purchase some cds! Awesome. Meanwhile, I was at the merch table as his wife came over and chatted with her for a bit- she was really nice.

After the show, on his way out, Woz graciously let me take a photo with him and chat for a minute. This made my night!


I’m rockin’ the Heisuke Kitazawa designed Poketo T!

This’ll be a show I’ll never forget for sure.

  • http://www.headphonerecord.com Nathalie Roland

    This rules!

  • Eric & Julie & Mason & Naomi

    Couldn’t make it that night. Beat! ‘Twas a school night, and the kids wouldn’t let us go out. See ya at the Cafe Du Nord!