thanks so much to everyone who checked out the Nakamurathon on yahoo live broadcast! I had a blast, even though my fingers are sore.

I’m gonna play again on Wed…. exact time to be determined, but watch this space.

In other news- I’m finally getting the artwork together for Daylight Savings re-issue and finishing mixing the album at the end of March.

next “physical” gig: March 18 (tues) at the Rickshaw Stop in SF. Event for the SFIAAFF “directions in sound”.
next “virtual” gig: Feb 20

  • abe

    it was truly an “event” Goh, as someone who was there for almost 2 hours of it, you ROCKED! Please let us know when Nakamurathon II is a Goh. – abe

  • Jae

    let me know what time you are on….I thought it was going to be on the 20th?