Thinkin’ out loud for a minute… bear with me as I gaze in to the future…

So… I’m hoping to put together a tour for 2008. Figure I gotta plan it 3-4 months in advance minimum. My old album will be re-released and the new album will be done by then so it makes sense to go take this act on the road.

A few questions, do you go to live shows? Where are you? Are you at a college that I can play at? Any bands/singer songwriters that you know of that would make a good billing?

You can see my lonely, hidden page here and give me an idea where I should hit.

Thanks in advance


  • Rick Haley

    Awesome, I just bought your album last night at thanks for the great music.


  • Chris Radcliff

    Goh, you should claim your Eventful page and give it the love it deserves. You could even make it!

    Thanks for mentioning us. I’m listening to your album right now…

    ~chris (at eventful dot com)

  • Elea

    You know, Barefoot Coffee Roasters often showcases local artists and would possibly be a fun place to perform. It’s in the South Bay, but is known as the best coffee place around here (we’re no SF, it’s true) and is pretty busy much of the time.

  • lady

    You might already know about Mama Buzz in Oakland. I think it would be a great place to see you perform!

  • Levi

    I don’t know what kind of scope you’re looking at, but if you find yourself in the area of Minneapolis, I’d definitely hit the show. I could probably turn up a few of my friends as well. I don’t have any specific venue suggestions, but I could come up with some, if pressed.

  • Dorothy

    I go to shows! I’ve been hoping for a couple years to see you in Portland or Eugene.

  • Lauren

    Venue suggestions for the DC area: The Black Cat, Club 9:30, Rock and Roll Hotel. I’ve never been to the last one, but I’ve seen live music at the other two many,many times. Please come and play for us.