fan art

submitted by Steve Yu

Thanks Steve!

  • guacie

    hugs to you
    This is my response to the last five or four entries of yours on here…I don’t go to live shows..don’t find enough time..Morever ..i like listening to my living room ..while i lay down and chill and eat something..LOL
    you and self doubt…ask me about it ..I am going through a severe self doubt period too.but it is a whole different kind of self doubt.. so lets leave it at that
    I am happy Youtube promoted your video..that is how i got to know that good original singers do exist on youtube…do continue updating stuff on youtube alteast for my sake..I do check on your page every now and then to see if you posted anything new
    much love and cheers from guacie

  • Dino

    Cool drawing. Someone gave me this link today.