Embarcadero Blues Tab

Here’s a Guitar Transcription/Tab for Embarcadero (the album version)

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it’s messy as hell, but it’s something to work with. Things I should mention are that you’ll need a capo at the 3rd fret if you wanna play along w. the recorded version. The numbers are in relation to the capo, natch.

I recorded this song on my album so long ago- I forgot how to play it with a pick… the way I do it now is fingerpicked, and much more intricate.
The video shoot was tough because I hadn’t listened to the damn song in months…

Anyway- the basic chords are on there… there’s a weird one called Cminor/major7 on the part that goes “you take me home…”

I’ll try and post a tab of the way I do it live in the near future… it’s hard to tab out what your fingers have been doing by rote… it’s a trip.

  • daniel

    thank you so much. great song, nice tab too…

  • Jacqueline

    Your song, Embacadero Blues, just transported me to another world…that’s the gift of musicians. Are you signed by a major record label?

  • mensfeld

    hey, thanks for the tab.

    as you wrote about the musicians by the studio works, they inspired you to play at 110%.

    and so did you.=:)

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