If you go see “Feast of Love” and are wondering where they used Daylight Savings in the movie, it’s in there… but it’s really easy to miss. It turns out that it’s playing *VERY* faintly in the background during the first shot of the interior of the Coffee Shop that Bradley owns. I actually laughed out loud when I heard it because it was so quiet, and I realised that I missed it the first time I saw the movie…

Well, I’m still happy that the fictional characters in the movie were listening to my tune… it takes on a life of it’s own in a way. I noticed that the featured songs were played very loud during the many s3x scenes… too bad my song is not s3xy enough. In fact, the more I think about it, it is probably the most inappropriate song to play during “business time”.

  • mk

    aww. that’s too bad. =[. but there’ll be more oppurtunities! love ur song by the way. i saw the music video. ur song is great!