Embarcadero Blues Animatic video rough by Dino Ignacio

My incredibly talented friend Dino Ignacio contacted me recently to ask if he could make a video for Embarcadero Blues. My answer was an emphatic “hell yes” because I’ve been a fan of his work for awhile now. A few days after I talked to him, he sent me a link to this… I’m still amazed at how quickly and well he did this (and it’s just a rough draft!) It’s going to be for the music video channel he works at called MYX TV.

About 2-3 weeks ago I went to a studio to shoot some live action shots for the video against a green screen. I’ll write in more detail about this later… but I just wanted to share my excitement and anticipation of the final version! Thanks Dino!

  • mk

    lol. dude! after i heard ur song. i literally ran to my laptop and searched you! i utterly love!

  • mk

    …lol. not i utterly love..i meant i utterly love it. =D. hate typos.

  • Mike

    Well, it looks like you’re a big hit on YouTube. Front page and a lot of buzz. That song is awesome! Cheers on making big. Hope it gets on TV soon!

  • Dante

    Ignacio, love your art, baby!

  • http://www.okadadesign.com Corinne Okada

    I love this video sketch and the final version as well. I show both of these videos to my animation students. It is a great demonstration of how important a good storyboard is and the song is really lovely.
    Goh, your cousin, Melanie Woodard, pointed me to your site. My son, 7, loves your music. Wish I had know you were playing at the opening of Apature last year. I had work in the show, too.