December already. About 3 weeks left in the year. It’s hard to believe another chapter is about to end. Recently I’ve been having vivid flashbacks of events, thoughts, and sensations from about a year ago. I guess I go through this every December- put everything in a shoebox and start anew come January 1st.
Pretty soon you have a pile of boxes containing mini dioramas – little scenes suspended in time that you revisit when your mind is wandering. Maybe while you’re waiting for the check to come after a spaghetti dinner, or while you’re waiting at a red light near the cafe you used to frequent. Echoes of voices and words you haven’t heard for a long time, faces and places you almost forgot. They’re all in the shoebox… or maybe they’ve been there all along- you’ve just been too busy trying to get your hot air balloon to float. You look down and see them growing smaller with the distance of a year as time pulls you skyward… waving…

  • Jen

    Pure poetry.