So awhile back people were giving Britney Spears all this flak for how she endangers her baby…using it as an airbag while driving, almost dropping it in front of the paparazzi, using it to muddle mint leaves for mojitos (ok,I made that up).

Anyhow, I screwed up similarly recently. I dropped my beloved Martin guitar. On cement. Cracked it open. I remember hearing cautionary tales about wearing a helmet when I was a kid- “wear a helmet, or you’ll crack your head open”. That scared/scarred me… I’d imagine my head cracking open like a butternut squash- squishy stringy stuff and seeds all over the place. yuck.

I was driving from San Francisco to Sunnyvale- horridly late for my guitar lesson that I teach, but doing a great job of maintaining a strange zenlike calm. I downed a pot of obsidian coffee before hopping into my car, but still was determined to remain calm and not drive like a maniac.

“it’s not worth freaking out about it- you’re late, you should have left more time to get out of the city, but it’s ok… don’t get a speeding ticket over this, or die…”

So I got there in 30 minutes, I was about 8 minutes late (which sucks for a 30 minute lesson) but at least I got there. My 9-10? year old student was waiting for me outside of the classroom. That’s when I lost it- I felt so bad for being late, the dam of zen/cool just erupted. I clumsily grabbed my guitar by the strap of it’s case (it was in a soft case… stupid stupid stupid stupid) and it came flying out of my car and landed solidly on it’s ass on the blacktop. Craaaaack. What a horrible example I am. Soooo embarrasing. My student (who rocks, by the way) just stared at me, though I think he was just pissed that I was so late. Let me add that I was severley sleep and food deprived as a result of staying up till 6am trying to remaster my album in time to run of copies for the big show next week…

Of course this has to happen a week before the gig.

So now it’s in the shop, getting repaired by my good friend Mike Gold (who sold me the guitar 6 years ago at Gryphon Stringed Instruments). I will be using my friend Thu’s guitar for the show. The irony is that a few days before the accident, I told him I wanted to buy his guitar to use for performance and temporarily retire my Martin…

So yeah, NEVER carry your baby in a sling. Always keep them safe in an armored stroller with a roll bar/bulletproof sneezeguard. I kid you not. Kids…

  • Gary

    Man, that blows. Crazy.

  • elani

    hah that’s painful…i used to treat my martin like a baby but now it’s all banged up. it’s even lost its baby fresh spruce scent. anyhoo i’ll catch you at the looping fest! sounds amazing!